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problem with image gallery

good morning, for a few days I have been unable to view the gallery on the dashboard of the site.

I can’t even upload images but it always gives an error.

I haven’t installed any new plugins and the updates have all been done.

thank you


Preloader animation?

Hi there, I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the preloader animation somehow?

I can’t access the theme I paid for


I bought a precise theme, then I changed the email it was associated with it and ever since, I can’t seem to apply the theme I bought to my word press account. I tried reaching out about 3 weeks ago but have not heard back. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Colour of the hero slider section

Hi I am trying to change the colours of the hero slider section but it isn’t working for me.


Can you please let me know where I can update this?






Photo Caption styling

Would you please advise how to reduce the space between photo and caption and make the font size of caption smaller

“robots” content=”noindex

Hi. Good morning.

You had problems with bots that are indexing the sections / page / of the site and would like to add the tag "<meta name =" robots "content =" noindex ">" only in the page sections of the site.

could you help me to know in which yugen pro file this tag goes. Please.


Updating theme and installing demo content


I am getting started with the Yugen Pro theme. I have it fully installed but I cannot install the demo content (internal server error 500) and I cannot perform a them update even though it says there is an update available. When I hit the update button, it says it is unauthorized. Please advise how I can fix these issues.

Thank you


WP Installation hacked


We’ve been in touch last night about my two hacked sites and

My hosting company just told me there’s a security vulnerability in the demo importer.

Because I use your themes on two other sites I just checked, but the demo importer could not be deactivated or deleted… is that true?