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    I have some concerns about the way featured images work.

    I read that the recommended dimensions are 1200×675 yet when I have designed my graphics with these dimensions for the hero section, they are still compressed which reduces the image quality in the process. I have designed some featured images to be 2000×1125 (the same size as 1200×675 but upscaled for higher quality purposes) but the image is resized by the theme and reduced in quality.

    Strangely some of my featured images which are not 1200×675 at all are left as they are by the theme and it does not attempt to resize the images (see here and here for examples). How can I apply this setting globally across the theme, in order to stop the theme from automatically resizing featured images?

    Thank you.

    Rabindra Tharu

    Hi, @Hasanbeyaz

    Will you please allow us your site URL. If possible then please allow example Link too.



    Hi, I included links in the original post.
    Featured images which are not 1200×675 and full size:

    Katy Perry Driven to Tears by Fans Dragging Her Brilliant New Bop, “Bon Appétit”

    Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom Is Not So Hopeless After All


    Any ideas?

    Andrae Kirkland

    I am also having this same issue/concerns. If I scale my images to the recommended size of 1200×675, the hero image is still compressed. Any way to fix this?

    URL: http://www.culturedwealth.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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