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    Hiya! Cheers for the great theme.

    Just wondering how I might go about changing the link attached to my header logo..?

    I’ve got three sites (a main one: kainkitaproject.com, and two different language versions: kainkitaproject.com/EN & kainkitaproject.com/ID) and I’d like to make the logo on all three to link to the home page of the main site.

    (Have tried changing the href in lines 27 & 31 of my header-layout-4.php file, but had no success so far.)

    Any ideas? – Thanks so much 😀



    Hey, I think I’ve sorted this adequately.

    FYI for any other beginner wordpressers with a similar situation, instead of changing the logo link I’ve just redirected my extra home pages to the main site with a plug-in called ‘Page Links To’ and that works just fine. Nothing too fancy but it’ll do for now 🙂




    hi @there,

    Nice to know that you got the solutions for your requirements. Let us know if you need any other helps related to your theme please do reply.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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