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    Hi Courtyard-team & Rabindra,

    I love your theme (thank you!), but I have one problem I can’t solve myself.

    My site only uses 2 ‘hotel rooms’, and because of that, they don’t align to the center on my homepage. As you can see here at ‘Tracking Packages’: .

    I tried custom CSS, which worked in Firebug, but somehow it still didn’t work.

    I appreciate your help, thanks!

    With kind regards,


    Rabindra Tharu

    Hi, Mariska

    Well, you can make it by CSS code. As is it slider we have passed the no of slidesPerView in js file. Please create a child theme and change the custom js for the room slider.

    jQuery('.pt-rooms-section').each(function(index, element){
                var container           = jQuery(this).find('.pt-rooms-slider');
                var pt_rooms_slider = new Swiper(container, {
                    spaceBetween: 30,
                    preventClicks: false,
                    slidesPerView: 3, // Change Here and make it as 2
                    slidesPerColumn: 1,
                    touchEventsTarget: 'swiper-wrapper',
                    speed: 800,
                    navigation: {
                        nextEl: container.find('.pt-more-arrow .pt-arrow-right'),
                        prevEl: container.find('.pt-more-arrow .pt-arrow-left')
                    breakpoints: {
                        992: {
                            slidesPerView: 3 // Change Here and make it as 2
                        768: {
                            slidesPerView: 2
                        576: {
                            slidesPerView: 1

    Info:- Please check this tutorial how to edit js file by child theme in WordPress.

    Let us know if this helps or need more help please do reply.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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