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1) how to minimize/enlarge the empty space/padding between the header and the menu and the menu and the postings
– You can inspect your header with chrome browser to know how spacing is implemented.
— class .nav-bar have padding of 80px;
— class .header-layout-4 .site-branding have padding and margin
— class .header-layout-4 .main-navigation have margin
— class .main-navigation li a have padding

Adjust padding and margin as per requirement. and add that CSS code to your site via CUstomizer.

[NOTE: We are updating theme soon with some customization option so that you can easily adjust the spacing without adding CSS codes but it may take a few weeks to launch a new version. ]

2) when on single post page, how to…
– adjust the headline? color and size
– adjust the line spacing
– change the color of TAGS
– change the color of meta data
– adjust the comment box, the whole element (size,color,font)

— Currently, we do not have such customization available need to add CSS code which may not be easy for non-developer. Let us update the theme with some extra options in the customizer(as I mention in the previous answer).

Let us know if that works for you or if you are having urgent then we may provide you with CSS codes but it’s better to have with theme customizer.

Best Regards.