NeatBooks Review – Best 5 Accounting Software 2022

All businesses, including startups, place a high emphasis on monitoring their funds. Your expanding financial management will maintain it on the right track. It helps in enhancing compliance and enables you to track your development. Due to a lack of funds to continue operations, many businesses fail. For certain corporations, hiring an internal accounting staff may not be viable.

However, accounting software may be helpful. You can keep your financial affairs orderly with the aid of NeatBooks software. The financial sector of a company requires ongoing concentration in so many different areas. With the platform, you can manage the records while concentrating on other important tasks.

Many firms are drawn to NeatBooks’ unique approach to financial balancing. They pay close attention to minor financial details to ensure you are on the correct track. As a result, they merit your gratitude. The service provider has received a lot of good feedback from their past clients. What you see is what you get when it comes to cost. Likewise, you can scale up or down depending on your business’s demands.

This review will walk you through the ins and outs of the program so you can determine if it will benefit your business.

Company Information

The service provider is a receivable-only software. It is a relative newcomer on the market that was released in 2015. Although Neat, the parent business, has been in the sector for over a decade, Netbook’s accounting solution was introduced in 2021. Their subscription service has assisted businesses in improving their bookkeeping. As a result, they have streamlined the difficulties young businesses encounter.

Becoming an accounting savvy is not a condition for being an effective business owner. When managing your funds, a program like Neat may greatly help. Consolidating your books and scanning receipts onto a single platform is possible with the service provider. Recordkeeping will no longer be a hard or time-consuming process thanks to the advent of this neat receipt software. In addition to retail and construction, they serve various industries.

NeatBooks was founded as an outside consultant to provide in-house financial knowledge. These individuals may be an extension of your group’s efforts in many ways. For them, it is all about creating a world where even micro firms have the opportunity to thrive. The program or website may be accessed from a mobile device, making it even handier. If you cannot figure out how to utilize their accounting system, training is offered. Likewise, their live assistance is there to help when you have a problem. Sadly, no payroll services are available, and they don’t have a CRM integration. They only allow downloading and organizing activities in your bank account using the accounting software.

Using software like Neat receipts, your activities from primary sources may be brought into online backup in four ways. They will gather data, such as dates, quantities, and suppliers, and store it in the appropriate web records. Keeping track of transactions is simple when they are compared to the original documentation. The program allows you to create and distribute customized reports and invoices. To develop good corporate financial choices, everyone requires a team or solutions like NeatBooks.

Service Focus

NeatBooks is a cloud-based financial management tool that offers many noteworthy features and functions. Your firm may prosper with a receipt scanner and other resources. These are some of the services provided by the platform, in case you are not familiar with them yet;

  1. Monthly Accounting

Although many people are working on the books, having a second pair of eyes is still beneficial. The service provider knows how to take care of your online books like the specialists they are. You don’t have to worry about reconciling and categorizing your documents monthly. Your company’s actions might be based on accurate figures provided by them. In collaboration with your accountants, they will develop personalized reports.

You will have more time to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about expensive accounting mistakes. Basic accounting services are essential for any business to succeed. With this, you’ll be able to manage your money better and comply with all applicable tax regulations. This monthly accounting service is the next greatest part for a startup that cannot afford to employ a full-time accountant. To help your in-house accountants, this is an incredible guide.

  1. Setup for QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, everything can be arranged right away. You may start setting up your figures using the software. They will educate your personnel and provide experienced advice, so you do not miss a step in expanding your company. Likewise, the platform lets you personalize reports and invoices and connect your bank accounts.

Your accountants may access records at any time and from any location. It’s the best option for a business; hence, don’t wait until the numbers are mixed up before looking for a solution. Establish a financial foundation that will serve your firm well for a long time. Although QuickBooks may take some time to get accustomed to, everything will go smoothly once everything is in place. Budget money aside to cover the costs of using accounting software like QuickBooks.

  1. Training

When new workers are hired, a great deal of training is often required before fully integrating into your company’s culture. You may teach them how to utilize the capabilities of QuickBooks. As a result, you can better simplify your day-to-day activities. You may use virtual screen sharing to assist in training new employees. The Neat receipts software will generate personalized flow charts to help better manage your accounting and other chores. Contact the provider’s customer care service for assistance in acquiring a customized training plan. Once they have completed their training, new employees should have no problem fitting in and contributing immediately. They don’t have to adapt much since the training is done quickly.

  1. Reconciliation of Files

Reconciliation is the process of comparing transactions to their original records. Clean up the books and ensure everything is in the correct file with the aid of this software. The documents might become messed up when you have a lot of work and new activities daily. If files are not well balanced, you may be unable to keep up with your responsibilities. Inconsistencies in your books might be the cause of any discrepancies you find. There’s a chance your reports aren’t accurate as well. Getting back up to speed is critical if you want to continue your business as usual. Once you’ve sorted out your figures, your accounting staff will be grateful for the assistance. A pricing quotation is needed for this service. Hourly rates are determined by the amount of work you must do on a given day. For tax time, file reconciliation will help you keep track of your finances. Having all of your fiscal information in order can make it simpler to file your taxes.

  1. Help Desk on the Cloud

If you’re in a hurry and need help with one of your books, turn to virtual desk aid. You may use them to connect a new bank account. They will assist you in figuring out why your deposits aren’t showing up in your bank account. Using a premium service like Neat, you’ll save time and aggravation. The provider’s team jumps in and gets the job done in minutes or hours when a problem arises. For your benefit, NeatBooks will screen-share the whole procedure. You will learn what to do if the problem occurs again. They usually charge in 15-minute intervals for this service, which makes it rather expensive. If you know it will take a long time to solve your problem, make sure you have adequate funds set aside or devise an alternate plan. Reach the customer care team if you have an account problem that can be resolved in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Integrations

The connections that NeatBooks enables are worth exploring. There are around four different ways to integrate your system. Using them will make it easier to maintain your contact list clean and your money in order. However, compared to the value of the services provided by the company, most competitors’ integration offerings are superfluous. Look at their list of interfaces and see if there are any that will benefit your business. Help is at hand if you have difficulties implementing the connections.

  1. Scanning Tickets.

The NeatBook scanner is one of the most impressive services. All of your receipts may be scanned and stored in a single location. They protect at the level of banks. Confidentiality is maintained for your private data. Keywords and filters make it simple to find and search through saved information. When storing receipts with a third party, ensure you know how easy it will be to get the papers if you need them.

With NeatFiles, you do not have to sift through mountains of data to get what you need. Amazing is their fast uploading and matching of your receipts in real-time. Using their mobile application, you can have everything in check. Keeping an eye on where your money ends up and seeing whether it’s benefiting the company can help you make better decisions. They even provide a dashboard to help you monitor your expenses and cash balance. You can learn everything you need to do about a company’s direction by studying its spending habits.

  1. Analyzing and Identifying

The program can do a 28-point book review. When a team manages your company books, you may assume a checkup is unnecessary. NeatBooks review, on the other hand, could serve as the most helpful tool for spotting potential problems. Accounts and activities that need to be improved will be examined as well. You may be unable to continue because of persistent negative sums in a statement. In uncleared monies, they’ll hunt for personal transactions and historical balances. Before giving you a report, they spend a lot of time reviewing the books you’ve read. You will get a detailed summary of their results in a statement. Even if they find problems, they will suggest how to proceed with your business. Once you have identified the root causes of the issues, finding long-term remedies will be much simpler.

Budget Focus

The annual neat cloud price is $432 or $40 per month. You may purchase the two other services individually if you don’t require all the platform provides. They incorporate the features of each of them. One is a basic billing tool called NeatInvoices (free), which works with a payment gateway called WePay to receive client funds. The other is NeatFiles, which gives unlimited online backup for your digital financial papers ($25 per month or $300 per year). The data gathering and processing capabilities of NeatFiles are identical to those of NeatBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can NeatBooks be Used to Keep Track of Receipts?

Neat receipt software’s finest feature is the ability to record receipts. You may upload invoices, and the program collects the data before storing the source code in a secure database.

What Separates QuickBooks from NeatBooks?

With the accounting program NeatBooks, you can input any receipt to keep track of your expenditures. On the other hand, Neat QuickBooks is a complete program that addresses every facet of bookkeeping. This can be seen in the pricing, which is over $150 more than the company.

What Kind of Businesses Does NeatBooks Partner With?

Government agencies, non-profits, independent contractors, and small to medium-sized enterprises use the platform. Its services may help any company develop. They’re best suited for a massive corporation with a lot of sales volume. However, even for a small firm, basic accounting is essential. You decide the solutions you want and then pay for them.

Are There Any Free Trials?

There is a free trial available. The easiest way to see what they offer before spending money is to try them out for free. Certain features are worth paying for, and others aren’t worth it.

Does the Company Provide Training?

Using screen sharing, your new hires can see exactly how everything works in QuickBooks during training. The company uses Webinars and documentation. Your employees will benefit greatly from this coaching because it helps them understand the software’s functionalities and other accounting elements. Many things you didn’t understand will aid you in your business.

How Much Do NeatBooks Invoice Fees Cost?

No. Invoicing will not incur any additional fees. You’ll get it as part of an agreement. You’ll be able to customize the invoices you send to your clients now. For example, bank transfers, debit, or credit cards can be used by customers to make payments. However, the usual online transaction fees still apply. The only thing you will save is the service fees. Accounts receivable are a vital part of any company’s finances. Having the ability to use the services for free is a huge advantage.

If You Have a Problem, Can You Get Help from NeatBooks?

During office hours, the company provides live online help. The quality of customer service is perhaps the most important consideration for potential clients or employees. It isn’t easy to depend on their services if they don’t have trustworthy support. Reviewers have praised Neat’s competent live chat service in their evaluations. Even if you use another method to contact them, you may expect a faster response time if you use live chat. With their software, it’s clear that they’ll be there for you should things go wrong. Using accounting software such as QuickBooks on your own is not possible without the assistance of a professional.

Who Needs It?

If you run a small company with a bunch of receipts and business costs, neat receipts software is the best option for your accounting needs. When it comes to filing your taxes, integrated cloud storage and records management is important. On the other hand, FreshBooks is a great option if you require more in-depth accounting capabilities like time or inventory monitoring.

Some of the stages in the initial setup are mandatory, while others may be done at a later date. You must first provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, and the year your business was created. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your bank’s login details to continue using the service. Checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans may be added to your account (no investments). You have the option to continue adding users or to leave the site. The last step is to access the Settings page from the main page. They encourage you to personalize your sections in this section. It includes a basic chart of accounts that you may edit.

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