How to buy themes?

Buying a theme from Precise Theme is very easy.  You don’t need to signup.
Please follow some steps

  • Find the theme that best suits your needs and then click on View Details.

Precise Theme

  • You will get product detail page. Then Click Purchase Theme Button.

    Precise Themes
  • You will get Checkout to make your payment. Fill in the form, then click Purchase.
    We currently support payment through PayPal Only.

  • After payment done, You will get a ‘Thank you for your purchase! ’ screen where you can see the license key for your new Pro theme. You will need this license key to receive automatic updates of your theme after you have installed it. You will also receive the license key with your purchase receipt in your e-mail address.

  • You can download the theme from the ‘Thank You’ screen or the link provided in your purchase receipt email.

  • You can also log into Precise Theme Menu  >> Account >> Purchase History anytime to view your purchase details, and download your theme or its updates.

  • Confirmation Page

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